“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” — Seth Godin

Networking tip #1: How to talk about your job in a more exciting way

At any networking event, one of the first questions that you get or that you want to ask is: What do you do?

Most often, without a thought and being well intentioned, we blurt out our title: Financial Advisor, Trial Lawyer, Web Developer, Massage Therapist, VP of Sales etc… Then we wait and wait thinking that they will ask us more information about our job but instead they ask: So, what company do you work for?
• What if there was a more exciting way to make an entrance when it comes to talk about what you do?
• What if there was a way to get people to remember what you do and increase your chances of being top of mind?
• What if aside from being memorable, you could explain what you do in a manner that gets people excited to find out more about your job and not just your company?

Enough teasing, here is what you do: The next time you are asked what you do, you start to answer with this 3-step method :
1. You know when you have (insert problematic situation or problem)?
2. That, is where I come in! I help people by (explain how you are the solution).
3. I am a (state your job).

What does this look like? Just to illustrate, here are a few examples for a few fields:
Prospect : What do you do?
Financial Advisor: You know when you are not sure if you have enough money for retirement, if you are over or under insured and you are tired of living in financial uncertainty? That is where I come in! I meet with you and do an x-ray of your financial situation to see where the cracks are and I provide you with a solid financial plan to attain your objectives. I’m a Financial Advisor.
Massage therapist: You know when you have been living with body pains and ailments and have started to think that there is no relief in sight besides taking pills? That is where I come in! I help people by providing a service of various types of massages that reduce or eliminates your pains, which will increase your overall wellbeing and productivity for a better quality of life. I am a massage therapist.
Web Developer: You know when you are looking to have your company well represented online which highlights your image appropriately and will increase your business? That is where I come in! I meet with you to fully understand what you need to give you an online presence by building a website that will enhance your image, increase your sales and visibility. I’m a Web Developer.

What are the benefits of this 3-step system?
• It provides people with a visual of the problem that you solve so it’s easier to be top of mind. People have more ease in remembering pictures and visualizations.
• Because of the way you introduced your job, it differentiates you from others right away, so you are more memorable in a sea of people.
• They can forget your name, your title or your company but they will not forget the problem you solve. Remember that.
• Answering this way creates more curiosity to find out more about you. Isn’t that the goal after all?

Use this at your next networking event and I’d love to read in the comments below what were the results.

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