“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” — Seth Godin

Everything happens to you in order to sharpen you!

On any typical day, whether at work or home, we deal with friction, coming from people, circumstances or maybe even with ourselves.

What if friction had a purpose?

A client doesn’t buy from you? Maybe he had no need for what you are selling. But what if your presentation needed to be crisper, more engaging, more to the point, more convincing. Sharpen your presentation skills.

You are having trouble working with co-workers? Ok, they might be difficult, even really difficult, but maybe, you need to hone your people skills? Often, when people say: I am a people person. What they mean is: I am a pleasant-people-person. The REAL people-person, can handle the difficult, the miscommunicator, the manipulative or almost any circus act in front of them. THAT, for me, are the real people persons. Sharpen how you react to others.

You have great intentions that are misinterpreted regularly? Have some humble pie and re-assess yourself. World experts re-assess themselves regularly and they are WORLD experts. Love yourself but don’t fall in love with yourself to the point that you forget that you too are a work in progress. Be adaptable. Sometimes it’s a small 1% adjustment that makes the entire difference. Sharpen your skills.

You feel that your project or service is just great and you don’t understand why people are not interested in? Be more attentive. There are always signs as to why clients are not buying. Something could be off. Maybe you are sending mixed messages. Just like someone who is dressed beautifully and everything about their behavior screams: low self-esteem. Everything about you needs to be consistent. Sharpen how you project yourself or your service.

We are all here to be sharpened.

To better serve our purpose.

To better contribute to others.

To better the world around us.

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